a few pictures along the way

Some captures of Lake George and the Adirondack area, along with the Thousand Islands and some travel destinations.

Night photo with shooting star and light camps on Brantingham Lake NY

Night photo with shooting star at Brantingham Lake in the Adirondacks.

Below are a few of my favorite landscapes. You can view and purchase from a more extensive collection, including my travel ventures soon.

Autumn colors at Mill Park Falls in Lake Luzerne NY
Sunrise landscape photo in Lake George NY with fog in the background
Photo of Shelving Rock Falls in Lake George NY
Foggy sunrise adirondack landscape photo on Brantingham Lake NY
Sunset from Commission Point, Lake George NY looking out to Bolton Landing
Photo of a Blue Heron in Lake George NY
Landscape photo of the sand dunes at sunset in Cape Cod
Sunset photo on Lake George with small tree in foreground
Landcsape photo of creek in the fall in the Adirondack Region
Lake George Sunrise photo with large rock and tree
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